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Technician Mentoring


What is technician mentoring? Technician mentoring is a training program that is focused on technical proficiency. However, it goes beyond technical training. Technician mentoring promotes effective communication, positive attitudes, effective teamwork, positive shop culture and a higher bottom line for everyone. Passionate technicians, in the appropriate environment, produce quality work and contribute to the business as a whole. As a result, everyone involved in your business team is happy and enjoys the spoils. The key word in the last sentence was “Team.” Although technician mentoring strives toward making technicians better at their jobs, we also encourage the team aspect to benefit everyone involved.


EZ Tech Mentors

 The Difference in Technician Mentoring: Internal vs. External

There has been a buzz phrase going around the industry: “Grow Your Own.” What this refers to is an already employed technician taking a “greener” technician under his or her wing and showing them the ropes. As with any field, the mentor may not have all of the skills necessary to accomplish this task. For example, they may excel at a particular skill but not be able to teach, or convey, that particular skill. In addition, as proficient as you may believe they are, they might be teaching bad habits that they have acquired over the years. This would be an example of internal mentoring.
External mentoring is a bit different. We have probably all heard the phrase: “an extra set of eyes.” The extra perspective is what external mentoring has to offer. Admittedly, we do not have all of the answers, we are all human just like you, but sometimes the external perspective can be an eye opener. Honesty with oneself, modesty regarding what you know, the ability to admit what you do not know and a willingness to accept constructive criticism is how a shop or individual can take advantage of an external mentoring program.

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