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The Basic Technician Mentoring Plan

1.       Initial assessments will be made by interviewing technicians, shop owners, service writers, etc.

2.       Training, both classroom and hands-on will be administered at your location.

3.       Periodic web meetings will be conducted to reinforce topics already covered, discuss potential issues, answer questions and prepare for the next on-site visit.

4.       Beyond the technical training aspect, shop issues will be addressed with both the technicians and shop owner with a considerate level of anonymity.

5.       Shop owners will be encouraged to track some key indicators such as, but not limited to: technician hours, warranty cost, etc.

6.       If we discover management areas that may require help, we will refer a business, service writer or marketing coach. Use of these coaches will be completely up to the discretion of the shop owner.

7.       Technicians will be granted access to a forum that will allow them to ask technical questions, or share technical information, with a group of like-minded technicians from around the country. All of the participants in this forum are part of the technician mentoring program.